Discover The Best Abdominal Exercise Equipment

Our stomach muscles are usually the first to fail us later in life if we don’t look after them. This is more so these days as many people have jobs sitting in front of a computer all day, and then they go home to sit and watch TV all night. Eating the wrong foods can see the stomach area put on more weight, and women who have recently given birth will also have weakened muscles around the waist area. If we decide to do something about it and start doing some exercise, then it is not that difficult with some work to tighten up the muscles after only 2 to 4 weeks. The best way is to use abdominal exercise equipment which will help you work on the correct muscles.

Ab Roller

This is the best abdominal exercise equipment in the list, and really helps with the rectus abdominis muscle. This is the one in your upper torso to help with your neck and head support, but by forcing your body to strengthen this muscle you automatically pull in your stomach muscles.

Medicine Balls

These are simple to use and very cost effective for what they can do for you. These are great for really strengthening up your abdominal muscles, and are unlikely to cause injuries to other parts of your body.

Rowing Machine

This is great for people who not only want to strengthen their abs, but also to work on many other muscles as well, such as the limbs. It is also an excellent way of giving you a good cardio workout. This is one of the few machines that is really good for you, and for people who have problems with their legs, switching to this equipment can help them to stay fit.

Kettle Bells

These are weights about bowling ball size, with a looped handle. They do not cost much, and used correctly they will force you to pull in your stomach which helps build up the muscles.

Chin Up Bar

This exercise is still a big favorite in the military, and although you may think that it only builds up the arm muscles, you are actually using your upper body and stomach muscles as well. If you are installing one of these then you need to make sure it is properly fixed to the wall.

Floor Mat

Get yourself a cheap exercise floor mat to work on and concentrate on anything that makes you pull your stomach in. If you are not sure what to do, then purchase an ab workout DVD. Once you have learnt the routines then put the sound down and workout to your own music, you will enjoy it more.

Balance Balls

You can buy one of these in most sports shops, and they don’t cost much. This is a good way to exercise the stomach, and you can do it for as long as you want as it doesn’t put strain on any your body. It is good to get a starter DVD to make sure you are doing the best exercises for the results you want.